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Classroom Activities

Inspiring Engagement by Transforming Books into Lively Experiences

Motivation plays a vital role in helping reluctant readers find success in reading. It’s crucial to spark excitement about reading to ensure every child becomes a confident reader. 
But how can we infuse daily reading activities with motivation to create a routine that nurtures students’ love for literacy?
Boosting Engagement through Motivation
Many struggling readers find reading challenging and unenjoyable. No one likes doing something difficult. So…

Classroom Activities

Transport Your Class to a Different Era with These Historical Halloween Costume Ideas

As anyone who has worked with students during the Autumn season can attest, Halloween brings about great excitement among students of all ages. 
That said, here are some intriguing ideas for high school students to consider when selecting their Halloween costumes, incorporating historical and literary elements as well as famous figures:
Deacon Brodie
Deacon Brodie may not ring a bell immediately, but what about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? William Brodie, also known …

Teaching Strategies

Empowering Students to Navigate CTE Programs

For those with a background in education, the adage “not everyone is going to go to college” likely rings true. This assertion holds weight for a myriad of reasons spanning from financial constraints to individual aspirations and the availability of opportunities.
Over the course of the last two to three decades, the landscape of public education has undergone a transformative shift. It has transitioned from an exclusive emphasis on preparing students for college to a more holistic approach that recognizes the significance of equipping students for …

Teaching Strategies

How to Leverage Short Horror Stories for Creative Writing Inspiration

Podcasts have gained immense popularity, especially during the pandemic, with true crime podcasts capturing the attention of many listeners. These podcasts often present intricate plotlines rich in information, much like short stories. 
Short stories, originally designed for entertainment in a single sitting, have evolved over time to encompass diverse themes and structures. The appeal of horror stories to students is rooted in the thrill, suspense, and excitement they offer, while podcasts and movies achieve similar effects through visuals and sound effects….

Teaching Strategies

8 Game Based Learning Examples

Game-based learning is a teaching strategy that uses games to teach to help students learn. Students play games instead of just reading or listening to learn a topic. Game-based learning happens inside a game framework where we have clear lessons to teach and can see how well they’re learned. Educational games make learning fun and engaging. Examples of game-based learning include hybrid games, review games, and role-playing games. Review games are especially useful for going over what they’ve already learned. They come with challenges and rewards…

Professional Development

Tips for Strengthening Working Memory when Teaching

Enhancing your working memory holds the key to unlocking more efficient learning retention. Working memory, which is often likened to a mental sticky note, is a cognitive function critical for reasoning, decision-making, and formulating strategies. 
Harnessing the power of current research-based strategies, educators can optimize the learning process and empower students with the ability to process and retain information effectively…

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Empowering Young Minds by Teaching Conflict Resolution to Young Teens

Conflict management is a crucial skill that helps people navigate disagreements effectively. In classrooms, workplaces, and life in general, conflicts can arise, making it important for students to learn how to handle these situations constructively.
Why Conflict Management Matters for Middle and High School Students
Middle and high school students often experience conflicts due to …

Teaching Strategies

Fostering Civic Engagement with English and Math Learning

Civic engagement lets students help their communities by getting involved in different ways. They can join their school’s student government to make improvements, or they can volunteer to clean up their neighborhood. 
Both formal and informal actions make a positive difference and teach students about the world around them.
What Makes it Important?
Fosters Empathy
Getting involved in civic engagement helps …