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Lesson Starters - Primary Spanish - Aqui esta mi escuela

Pupil, Edgardo, gives us a tour of his school in Mexico

Teachers TV Created: Tue Jun 15 11:27:53 BST 2010

Lesson Starters- Primary Spanish - El Pasado y el Presente

An interview with the owner of a local shop about her past

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Primary Spanish - ?Que noticias hay?

In this Key Stage 2 Spanish lesson starter, Toni and fellow pupils from the Escuela Primaria talk about life where they live in Mexico.

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Lesson Starters - Primary Spanish - Que Hice Ayer?

KS2 Spanish lesson starter exploring tenses

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Lesson Starters - Primary Spanish - iBienvenido a Mexico! 1

Five lesson starters for primary pupils learning Spanish

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