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Lesson Starters - KS2 French - Voici ma ville

The historic capital of Martinique is explored

Teachers TV Created: Tue Jun 22 04:40:51 BST 2010

Primary French - La Parade des Metiers D'avant

This colourful short video makes an ideal Key Stage 2 French lesson starter by following Ecole Plateau Didier pupils taking part in a special parade during carnival time on the Caribbean Island of Martinique.

Teachers TV Created:

Lesson Starters - KS2 French - Qu'est-ce que tu prÊfères?

Pupils discuss topics such as food, weather, sport and music

Teachers TV Created: Tue Jun 22 04:54:06 BST 2010

Lesson Starters - KS2 French -Matis et son grandpère

Eight year-old Matis interviews his grandfather about his past

Teachers TV Created: Tue Jun 22 04:49:20 BST 2010

Lesson Starters - Primary French - Bienvenue en Martinique! 1

Lesson starters for primary French learners

Teachers TV Created: Fri May 07 10:31:48 BST 2010