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Handwritten work: illustrated

This is an informational image, as used in an Assessing Pupils' Porgress (APP) standards file.Convention

Identify the type of image. Reproduce any text and describe any image, diagram or layout.

Example image[nid:3751]

Example text[context]A pupil’s hand-drawn presentation with the title ‘The Rock Pool food web’ and Monday 12th May 2008.

[content]There are five elements in the presentation.

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Meteorite Survivors - Coral

How coral survived a catastrophic meteorite crash

Teachers TV Created: Wed Mar 17 04:29:22 GMT 2010

Climate Challenge - Putting the Carbon Genie Back

Ways of storing and finding alternative uses for CO2

Teachers TV Created: Tue Jan 12 10:50:12 GMT 2010

Individual reading questioning: Fish (non-fiction)

These annotated teacher's notes on a Year 3 child, assessed at low level 3, include evidence from a question and discussion session to assess AF4. This is part of a reading standards file that you can use to make your own judgements in Assessing Pupils’ Progress (APP).

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Habitats and Food Chains - Fox and Hedgehog

The importance of maintaining the food chain

Teachers TV Created: Thu Jan 14 06:03:52 GMT 2010