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Amazing History - A Tour Around Ancient Egypt

The lives of the ancient Egyptians are explained in a fun way

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Teaching sequence

Use the teaching and learning outcomes in each phase to support your unit planning and help you plan for the children's learning across Unit 2: Horrible Histories DVD Series 1. This is one of two additional text-based units within Year 4 of the Primary Framework for literacy.

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Amazing History - A Tour Around the Ancient Land of the Mayans

A look into the lives of the ancient Mayans for KS2 history

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The Great Pyramid

Assessment focuses
AF1, AF2, AF3, AF5
The class was invited to make a model of a 3-D object from an A4 sheet of card.
Pupil L's work

Pupil L chose to make a square-based pyramid, similar to the Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo, Egypt. He used the internet to source the measurements in ‘royal cubits’. He found a suitable scale factor to ensure his model would fit on an A4 sheet and he constructed the net accurately.

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Subject Comparison | Subjects | Key stages 3 & 4 | National Curriculum

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