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Hamza: Writing sample 4

Dear Captain grey beard

My name is Hamza I live in Machester and my teacher is Miss taylor. Captain grey beard i wanted to ask you som equestions. Captain grey beard where do you live? Captian grey beard how much languges do you speak and what ...

Number of total results: 7 Reach for the sky A consortium in Bassetlaw creates a more interactive learning experience for engineering students across a range of institutions The Bassetlaw Consortium consists of seven schools, two post-16 centres, a Further Education College and five employers working together to support a Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment (C&BE). The members of the consortium wanted to create a more interactive learning experience for learners which would be combined with real-life contextualised information.…

Becta Last update: 2011

Number of total results: 11 Podcasts (video/audio) to mobile devices via a virtual learning environment Partnership in Rotherham work together to explore the potential to extend and enhance learning opportunities for students Following Yorkshire Coast College’s (YCC) groundbreaking work using mobile technologies in the curriculum the Rotherham College of Arts and Technology (RCAT) was keen to harness similar technologies. They therefore formed a partnership with a neighbouring school and YCC to run a project to allow lecturers and teachers to…

Becta Last update: 2011