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Example controlled assessment for GCSE Geography - QCDA

Example controlled assessment for GCSE Geography - QCDA . & : Home Resources Case studies landing page Example controlled assessment for GCSE Geography Example controlled assessment for GCSE Geography Task summary: Part of a unit on population in which students conducted an enquiry into diversity and community cohesion in a local multi-ethnic community. The students planned and carried out local fieldwork and used a variety of new technologies. The task addressed all three assessment objectives. It was set…

QCDA Last update: 2011

Great Lesson Ideas - GCSE Geography: Population, Employment and Ecosystems

Four lesson ideas for teaching GCSE geography

Teachers TV Created: Wed Jan 13 11:00:19 GMT 2010

Secondary Assessment for Learning - Geography

Hendon School's geography department embed effective AfL

Teachers TV Created: Wed Sep 06 10:07:09 BST 2006

Teaching Out of the Box - KS3 Geography

Teachers must plan a lesson from some mystery objects

Teachers TV Created: Fri Oct 31 04:35:02 GMT 2008

KS3 Antarctica - Geography Teachers in the Freezer

Four teachers demonstrate geographical field work in Antarctica

Teachers TV Created: Mon Mar 10 12:08:56 GMT 2008

KS3 Geography for Pupils - Migrant Stories

Real-life stories from foreigners living in the UK

Teachers TV Created: Fri Apr 28 03:09:05 BST 2006

Hard to Teach - Secondary Geography Using ICT

Ideas for using ICT to teach geography at secondary level

Teachers TV Created: Fri May 14 11:24:03 BST 2010

Secondary Geography: Climate Change

Three resources to teach about climate change are reviewed

Teachers TV Created: Thu Jul 24 10:56:57 BST 2008

Hard To Teach - Secondary Geography

Two teachers combine their subjects with sustainable development

Teachers TV Created: Mon Sep 18 06:01:36 BST 2006

Secondary Geography - Using ICT - Using data-loggers with Year 10

A short video highlighting how data loggers can be used in a Yr 10 geography lesson.

Teachers TV Created: