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Leading in Learning: Developing thinking skills – supplement to Key Stage 4 guide for school leaders

Supplement to Key Stage 3 guide for school leaders, a set of resources that support the teaching of Leading in Learning at Key Stage 4. The Key Stage 4 School training manual includes Trio training session 2 ‘Working together in a 3-lesson cycle’, which addresses the roles of observing teacher and plenary teacher. The Key Stage 4 model focuses on developing the five national curriculum thinking skills. Resources are a part of (2112-06DWO-EN).

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

CPD Leaders in Primary Schools - Worth Primary School

An individual approach to CPD at primary level

Teachers TV Created: Tue May 27 12:26:24 BST 2008

CPD Leaders - Leading School-based CPD

CPD coaches support and encourage their colleagues

Teachers TV Created: Fri Sep 05 12:37:31 BST 2008

CPD Leaders in Primary Schools - Coaching and Mentoring

Peer-to-Peer training is exemplified at Hayes Park Primary School

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Improving teaching: leading learning – Primary. For school leaders

Improve your teaching with these training resources and continuing professional development (CPD) activities.


Management of enhancement and enrichment activities

Activities to support the planning and management of enhancement and enrichment activities by teachers, subject leaders and school leaders.


Mainstreaming G&T: Inclusion and personalisation

Support for school leaders in enabling high achievement for pupils from all backgrounds.


Improving curriculum provision for gifted and talented (G&T); sample school document

Review this provision audit completed by all subject leaders in a secondary school. What does it tell you about the expectations, skills and experience of staff in this school? What next steps would you want to take if this was your school? Use a ...

Example school improvement plan for attendance

School attendance leaders and senior leaders can use this example to see how an action plan can be developed within their school with timescales and outcomes. Leadership and management is one of five books on improving attendance and reducing absence in ...

DDLSL RAISEonline: Presentations 1-4 – Primary

Four presentations that are part of the Developing data-literate school leaders – Primary training materials.