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Teaching Iraqi Children

Syrian teachers respond to the mass influx of Iraqi pupils

Teachers TV Created: Wed May 28 10:31:01 BST 2008

Sue Campbell

Sue Campbell speaks of the importance of sport in schools

Teachers TV Created: Tue Apr 15 03:19:47 BST 2008

Great Books - Episode 1

Selina Scott reveals teachers' top 10 most inspiring books

Teachers TV Created: Tue Nov 27 01:08:53 GMT 2007

Stress Relief for Schools - All in the Mind?

The psychology of stress in schools

Teachers TV Created: Mon Oct 22 05:57:24 BST 2007

KS3/4 English - Meet the Writer: Tim Bowler

Author Tim Bowler visits a college to boost classroom creativity

Teachers TV Created: Mon Sep 18 06:01:38 BST 2006

What keeping safe means

These five intended outcomes for all children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) show you what you are required to do by law to ensure the safety of children in your care and how to narrow the gap between those who thrive and those who do ...

Dialogic book reading: Research and practice

Early Language Consultants can support their thinking with these summaries of studies into interactions around picture books. Each details the scenario, design and outcome of the study. This is part of Every Child a Talker (ECaT).


School Matters - Does Class Size Matter?

Examines the issues surrounding the question of class size

Teachers TV Created: Thu Feb 04 03:44:41 GMT 2010

Four Stories

Four very different stories of psychological illnesses are brought together

Teachers TV Created: Thu Oct 30 12:29:57 GMT 2008

Media Literacy - The Experts

Experts make the case for media literacy in education

Teachers TV Created: Wed Mar 05 01:13:13 GMT 2008