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Intervention Strategies - Early Intervention in Primary Schools

Successful intervention strategies at KS1/2

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Primary intervention resource finder skeleton pages


Language Intervention in Reception

Advanced teaching assistant Sue Backhouse works with four reception children to improve their literacy skills by using oral language intervention.

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Mapping Interventions at Parkway Primary

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

Primary Interventions at Lukes Lane

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

Checklist for quality intervention

This checklist includes questions you can use to check and evaluate the quality of intervention in your school or setting. This is part of 'Leading on intervention' in Primary.


Identifying where intervention is needed

School leaders on intervention will find information to help identify which children in your school or setting need particular support. This is part of Leading on intervention in Primary.


Ensuring coherent experiences

Unless interventions are carefully managed, there is a risk that children's learning may become fragmented. Intervention leaders can find here some issues to consider to help them improve the coherence of their school's provision. This is part of ...

Team approach to gathering information

Leading intervention teachers can find out how to take a team approach to gathering and analysing the information needed to identify where intervention is required in their school. This includes a list of other staff members who could help. This is part ...

Quality First teaching

Intervention leaders can learn about the importance of Quality First teaching across the school. Where this is in place, the need for special intervention is greatly reduced. This is part of 'Leading on intervention' in Primary.