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Responsibilities in relation to attendance

Principals, senior leadership teams and local authority (LA) personnel can find the legal and generic responsibilities linked to academies, free schools and LAs, and find out who funds the different aspects of attendance work, including legal actions. ...

NPSLBA study topics

NPSLBA participants can download zipped resources that will support them in delivering cluster sessions. The study topics, numbered 1 to 28, are grouped under the following themes:Whole school ethos, Leadership and management, Engagement of learners, ...

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

An update on progress with ensuring all pupils are entitled to study a foreign language by Key Stage 2 (KS2), a selection of resources supporting the teaching of modern languages, and an overview of resources planned for publication.

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

Improving Schools Programme (ISP)

News of increased budgets for local authorities (LAs) targeting schools in the Improving Schools Programme (ISP), and information about three recently published resources - the Improving Schools Handbook (DCSF ref: 00314-2009), Getting better all the time - using the improving school processes in primary schools, and The Improving Schools Programme (ISP) Strengthening governance and knowing your schools leaflet (DCSF ref: 00353-2009).

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

Gifted and talented (G&T)

News of recently published resources for teaching gifted and talented (G&T) children, including continuing professional development (CPD) modules, case studies and flyers setting out classroom standards. These resources are followed by a summary of planned publications, including more CPD modules, guidance for a whole school approach, and planned local authority (LA) quality standards for this area.

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

Excellence and enjoyment: Social and emotional aspects of learning – Good to be me Years 1 and 2 (Blue set)

This guidance contains activities for children in Years 1 and 2 to support the social and emotional aspects of learning (SEAL). The activities relate to the ‘Good to be me’ theme within SEAL, which focuses on self-awareness managing feelings and ...

Literacy Programme (including ECaR and ECaW)

An update on the Every Child a Writer (ECaW) and Every Child a Reader (ECaR) programmes, and an overview of the support materials and continuing professional development (CPD) resources already published or planned for School Improvement Partners (SIPs) and others involved in these programmes.

The National Strategies Last update: 2011