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Learning From the News – Otters Escape Extinction

Use news of the growing number of otters in English rivers to teach Key Stage 2 pupils about food chains, using this primary science classroom resource.

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Light - Successful Strategies

This Key Stage 2 CPD video for science teachers, reviews a lesson that teaches pupils about light.

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Modelling Light

A great primary lesson idea for Key Stage 2 science pupils, using modelling to demonstrate how light travels.

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Questions About Light

This Key Stage 2 science lesson starter asks questions about light through the medium of a story and encourages further discussion on the subject.

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Running Discussions in a KS2 Class

Education consultant Matthew Tosh introduces tips on how to run a good science-related discussion in a Key Stage 2 classroom.

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Teaching the KS2 News Report Lesson

A primary school shows how it taught the News Report science and PSHE lesson on junk foods and healthy diets to a Key Stage 2 class, in this video resource for teachers.

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Theatre Lights

An inspiring lesson starter aimed at getting Key Stage 2 science pupils to think about how light can be used in a theatre to create mood.

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Things that Use Electricity

This primary science resource for Key Stage 2 pupils is designed to get children thinking about what items in our homes use electricity.

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What is Junk Food?

A Key Stage 2 PSHE and science lesson plan and video resource looking at healthy eating and junk food.

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