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Annual Report 1999 2000

Annual Report 1999 2000 1 QCA Annual Report 1999-2000 CONTENTS Chairman’s foreword The report About QCA Our mission The Authority and its committees Partners Meeting our key objectives and targets QCA Investor in People Resourcing QCA 2 Chairman’s foreword For QCA, 1999/2000 was a year of achievement. Many projects were brought to fruition and some important milestones in improving quality and standards in education were reached. The Board of QCA is appreciative of the work of the staff of the…

QCDA Last update: 2011

Improving Writing: Raising standards in Year 6 writing

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

Working together to improve Year 6 sentence level skills using APP/target setting and Talk for Writing

The National Strategies Last update: 2011


Title Paper 2 – Evidence and Research including the Becta Review Page 1 Evidence and Research including the Becta Review Introduced by Vanessa Pittard, Director of Evidence and Evaluation, Becta Purpose The purpose of this paper is to inform the Board of key evidence on the progress and impact ICT in education, drawing on the Becta Review 2006. In the context of the forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review, the paper considers the strength of existing evidence of the impact of ICT…

Becta Last update: 2011

Arabic 8pp

Arabic 8pp Say IT in Arabic Say IT In Arabic !#$&'8ّ 246.'.1!+ ا'0&*.-+ت #+'*( ا: General Computer Vocabulary س آ.-=!.6$ >+م.-+: Key Vocabulary @A!Cس ر.-+: Computer "#%')#123/ .-,(آ( Word Processor 2-: ا-57#ص;) Database 282%'-ت@2?=ة ا Spreadsheet ة=B7) :)ا ( Browser اض ;E1ض/ أداة ا ِ;ّEI)ُ Mail List =& ( KLM2@ News Groups 2ر'N2ت أ?#LO) DTP (Program) ):)28 ( (/EQL-ا RS1 U%L5" Multimedia Authoring (Program) ):)28 ( (K%ّ3 دة=;E) WM21و X%-Z" Virus 2& وس\ Virus Checker ا-[2& وس K^\2Q) 57? E-mail…

Becta Last update: 2011