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Every Child Matters - Lucy's Team

Find out how a Common Assessment Framework can benefit a child

Teachers TV Created: Tue Apr 15 01:59:16 BST 2008

Every Child Matters - Newdale Campus

Working together to transform a deprived community

Teachers TV Created: Mon Apr 14 01:29:11 BST 2008

Every Child Matters & Multi-Agency Working

Different approaches to working with student support agencies

Teachers TV Created: Wed Sep 19 04:58:53 BST 2007

Every Child Matters role capture activity

Table for an activity to determine which key outcomes each role contributes to


Every Child Matters - Newdale Campus

School Achievement Review (SAR): A focus on pupil progress

Alison records how primary schools in Lewisham aligned the SAR process with action planning and Every Child Matters (ECM) outcomes. This is a user-generated case study.


Why focus on provision for Black children?

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a framework that recognises that a child's experience in the early years has a major impact on their future life chances. It aims to provide all those involved with young children ‘from birth to five’ with the ...

Effective self-evaluation

Here, leading intervention teachers can learn how to use presence, participation and achievement (PPA) and the outcomes of the Every Child Matters programme to evaluate their school's support of potentially underachieving groups, both in their school ...

Why has this been written?

The EYFS Framework was developed in recognition that Early Years experiences have a major influence on children's future life-chances. At the core of the Framework is the notion of inclusion and the belief that all children are competent, unique ...

SIP conference materials: Executive summary

Presentation slides showing the key findings of the executive summary, which focus on challenging and supporting schools, Every Child Matters (ECM) and brokering support.

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