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Findings from the analysis

A brief evaluation of the points of strength and weakness the analysis revealed in pupils' learning in a case study focusing on improving GCSE science results by analysing pupils' responses in internally assessed Edexcel topic tests in School B. This case study includes the aims, procedure, outcomes and the key findings. Part of the 'Analysing pupils' responses in GCSE science' set of case studies.

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

'Know your data' regarding progression to post 16 science from science GCSE

Questions for science teachers and subject leaders to 'know the gaps' for those GCSE science pupils who decided not to go on to study science courses post-16


Pride and Privilege - Great Expectations

Life at Glenalmond College continues into the autumn term

Teachers TV Created: Wed Oct 28 04:10:47 GMT 2009

Pride and Privilege - Far From the Madding Crowd

The start of term at exclusive private school, Glenalmond College

Teachers TV Created: Tue Oct 06 05:06:38 BST 2009

Exams - Dumbing Down or Wising Up?

Are exams getting easier for students?

Teachers TV Created: Tue Jan 20 10:46:19 GMT 2009

School Days - The Liverpool Collegiate

Former pupils return to the Liverpool Collegiate to reminisce

Teachers TV Created: Tue Apr 03 05:16:37 BST 2007

Professional Knowledge - Science

Scientists explain changes taking place in the world and climate

Teachers TV Created: Mon Feb 26 05:24:29 GMT 2007

Secondary Science 2

A look at three resources for secondary science

Teachers TV Created: Fri Jun 30 05:48:57 BST 2006

The Lesson - Teacher Feedback

Students film a science lesson, then give feedback to the teacher

Teachers TV Created: Fri Apr 28 03:10:30 BST 2006

Conservation of Mass

Three lesson planning ideas for short, snappy chemistry experiments for Key Stage 3 lessons, designed to help pupils explore the principle of conservation of mass.

Teachers TV Created: