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Scientific concept - weaknesses from additional science or chemistry

Details of persistent reported weaknesses in GCSE science (chemistry) made by pupils at difference approximate grades and weaknesses identified in 2008-09 responses.  Weakness type: Scientific concept - weaknesses from additional science or chemistry.

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

KS4 Science - Demonstrating Chemistry

How to demonstrate spectacular chemistry experiments safely

Teachers TV Created: Mon Dec 05 04:32:46 GMT 2005

KS3/4 Science - Demonstrating Chemistry - Top of the Flops

Expert chemists demonstrate experiments that don't go to plan

Teachers TV Created: Thu May 08 10:50:26 BST 2008

KS4 Science - Chemistry with CLEAPSS

A teacher learns to make her chemistry demonstrations sparkle

Teachers TV Created: Fri Apr 28 03:05:49 BST 2006

Indicators in Chemistry

A lesson planning resource for Key Stage 3 chemistry lessons on investigating colour change and indicators, including ideas for fun experiments using alkalis and acids.

Teachers TV Created:

Inside Science - Chemistry in Forensics

An examination of forensic testing used to solve murder cases

Teachers TV Created: Mon Apr 26 02:33:17 BST 2010

KS3/4 Science - Demonstrating Chemistry: Exciting Elements

Advice on carrying out some spectacular chemistry experiments

Teachers TV Created: Fri Apr 28 03:11:17 BST 2006

KS3/4 Science - Banging Chemistry: Fireworks

Explosive experts explain the chemical reactions in fireworks

Teachers TV Created: Mon Apr 30 04:09:07 BST 2007

Demonstrating Chemistry: In the Classroom

Bring fireworks demonstrations into the science lab in a safe and fascinating way, through experiments relating to the KS3/4 science curriculum.

Teachers TV Created:

Demonstrating Chemistry: The Science of Fireworks

Bring complicated fireworks into the classroom in this video explaining the science behind fireworks in KS3/4 science experiments that can't be replicated in school.

Teachers TV Created: