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Developing APP in Science to encourage deeper learning

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

Transition and progression in languages from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3

Getting transition right is an important element of the 7–14 languages curriculum. Sets out the ways in which pupils are likely to have had different experiences, including number of language taught, content of schemes of work, teaching syles and approaches, available teachers, time spent learning languages and curriculum.

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

Good to great: How an English Department responded creatively to the challenge of improvement

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

Jim Knight MP Minister of State for Sckrols and Learners , , : - I i v Y - 4 ',-I 3 1c r Sanctuary Buildings Great Smith Street Westminster London SW1 P 3BT j tel: 0870 001 2345 dcsf.ministers@dcsf.gsi.gov.uk Dr Ken Boston Qualifications and Curriculum Authority 83 Piccadilly London W1 J 8QA I+* August 2007 Thank you for your letter of 6 July about the Science Diploma. I am grateful for these proposals and the focus given to making…

QCDA Last update: 2011